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Real Estate Tech News released an article of the Top 20 Real Estate Tech Leaders to Follow On Twitter, which is also a great hub for finding disruptive real estate technology behind the brains of leaders in the industry. We’ve provided relevant B2B Real Estate Technology leaders on their list, along with some additions of our own (with links to reputable companies and organizations) below:

  1. Adam Neumann (@WeWorkAdam) – Co-Founder of WeWork (The We Company), a disruptive company that provides shared work spaces for technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and large enterprises.

  2. Daniel Ceniceros (@connectdjc) – Founder and president of Connect Media, which connects people, information, and data for making commercial real estate deals easier to complete.

  3. Jonathan Wasserstrum (@jmwass) – CEO of TheSquareFoot, a full-service technology-based brokerage firm.

  4. Seth Williams (@retipsterseth) – Founder of REtipster, Seth provides insight into technology, trends, and strategies.

  5. Dennis Fassett (@dennisfassett) – Real estate investor who shares information about crowdfunding platforms and more.

  6. Jeff Finn (@jeff_finn) – CEO of Realnex who is currently working with partners to build a fully integrated and holistic technological solution for professionals in the real estate arena.

  7. Ash Zandieh (@AZandieh) – Founder of RE:Tech who is working on Falkon, a real estate tech solution via a free iOS app.

  8. Pierce Neinken (@Pierce9ken) – Founder of CREtech and industry leader on emerging and innovative technologies.

  9. Ben & Dan Miller (@BenMillerise and @dan__miller) – Co-founders of Fundrise, which provides access to investment opportunities through a simple transparent platform.

  10. Richard Sarkis (@richsarkis) – CEO of Reonomy who is revolutionizing the real estate industry through a sites research platform.

  11. Riggs Kubiak (@RiggsKubiak) – Founder of Honest Buildings, an automated procurement workflow and bid management platform used by building owners.