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Unique companies/platforms view the Real Estate Technology differently. With help from publicly available market maps from reputable market research platforms such as CBInsights and Venture Scanner, we are better able to compile the different segments of the Real Estate Technology Industry. Looking at unique market maps has allowed us to come up with agreed upon areas of market segmentation, as well as especially prominent companies that continue to surface in our research.

Source:  CBInsights

Source: CBInsights


An interesting aspect of analyzing market maps is comparing one company’s segmentation of the industry to another’s. Take a look at the differences between CBInsights’ & Venture Scanner’s interpretations. Similarities include: Listing & Search Services, Indoor/Virtual Viewing Services, & Property Management. But there are segments one market map has that the other doesn’t- we’ve addressed relevant differences in our break-down of the Real Estate Technology Industry in our previous article.

Additionally, look for similar companies in both of the market maps. This is a giveaway for high-performing companies to look out for in the current/future marketplace. Floored (now CBRE Build), 42Floors, and Cadre are all noticeable, interesting similarities between these two market maps.


  • Sign up for Owler, where you can get daily reports of news in the Real Estate Technology Industry and competitively analyze specific companies, such as WeWork

  • Check out CBInsights directly, where you can predict emerging trends in the Real Estate Technology Industry and explore new markets

  • Follow Industry-specific channels on LinkedIn. Not only will you receive relevant news on your feed, but future employers can see your interests to better align their job fillings with your interests…

We recommend following:

  • CREtech: where the commercial real estate industry comes to discover all things tech

  • Specific companies, such as: WeWork, CoStar Group, or VTS

  • Specific hashtags, such as: #RealEstateTechnology, #PropTech, #WomenInRealEstate